“Prevention of Dental disease is much easier, healthier and enjoyable to me than having to restore the tooth back to its original condition” Dr. Zak always say.

At Professional Dental image in Watertown, we believe that healthy oral hygiene can start at an early age  as soon as teeth start to erupt at the age of 6-8 months. Not only this is important for cleaning, it is more important to prevent caries (Preventive Dentistry) before it happens;

It is important that kids get accustomed to having a routine dental check every six months, so as they grow up and start building memory and experience, this will continue to be their healthy routine!

Our dentists at Professional Dental Image go through the best evidence based techniques for oral hygiene maintenance with the parents and demonstrate the techniques and make sure the parents and children have learned the best oral hygiene practices.

Our Watertown Community well being is our top, outmost and only goal!

Our Dentist in Watertown, Drs. Zak and Kamel have an extensive experience working with kids at ages range from 6 months to young adults.

We serve all age groups in our Watertown community. We are well equipped with state of the art machine Including but limited to Panoramic X-ray machine and Digital imaging sensors. Over 20 years of combined dental experience to deliver the best possible care in the most pleasant way.

We take time listening to our patients’ concerns, come up with a variety of treatment plans.  This would help both the patient and the dentist decide what is the best plan that can be achieved to get the best possible outcome.

Our Approach to our patients is seeing them as a family member and treating them accordingly. Our treatment tend to be conservative and preventive.

We strive to be the clinic to choose for the family.

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