Dental implants are the most recent innovation for restoring Missing or failing teeth that can no longer be saved with the root canal treatment

Implants composed of  a bio compatible part that becomes, with time, part of the jaw. Secured to the implant is an Abutment that serves as a core for the final restoration that is the crown. Over time, bone will continue to grow around the implant in a process called Osteo-Integration.  providing it with extra stability.These are designed to be long lasting, and with care can last for many years. They are not your teeth but can function just like them.

Patients with dentures especially the lower one might face a problem of reduced stability, for those lower dentures, our dentists in Watertown, will after detailed Imaging and Examination might recommend two or four implants to help stabilizing the complete denture in a procedure called Implants Over Dentures

Our dentists in Watertown office, are trained and experienced in implant placement.

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